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Recommended Way Forward

What can be done to stop the CSJ-DEI movement?  Corporate interests and political authorities often support its extension.  CSJ-DEI policies and personnel are often installed without students, parents, donors, and alumni even knowing that it is happening.  Few on campus are consulted: the hostile takeover seems to be the work of a few powerful administrators working behind the scenes. 

The first step in countering this revolutionary movement consists in informing those concerned about how the hostile takeover at universities affects cultural and academic life.  Therefore Alumni and Donors Unite (ADU) commissioned this detailed study to document what is happening at USD.   ADU is a grassroots organization that aims to unite and empower the students, parents, donors, and alumni so they can pressure universities to reform.  ADU asks those who are concerned about USD’s future to inwardly digest this report, report on experiences that show how the CSJ-DEI movement is capturing USD, and then act together to find a better way forward for USD.

 Among the initial steps to organize for change:

Inform others at USD of the report and the intent. Write about your concerns and share them with ADU and others. Seek ways to inform students, parents, alumni, and the public in general about one’s opposition to this pernicious ideology.  Prepare to be a part of an active group at USD to drive reform.  Realize your unified power.

Make contributions and publicize to USD-dedicated website (Site in development) with examples of how USD’s CSJ-DEI policies, hires, and curriculum are compromising education toward excellence.

Donors and Parents can withhold support for USD until and unless it changes course back to its original mission and away from this hostile takeover. Students should consider other options instead of a woke USD for their credentialing needs if the reform is incomplete. 

USD’s future depends on its vision of education. 

CONCLUSION:  Only through acting together can those concerned about USD’s future change its current trajectory. Unified action needs to start yesterday. 


The general progression:

The steps will unfold in the ADU Phase model, with the information in the report reaching far and wide.   The customers once informed will in turn form their own opinion as to what level of concern they now have.  Some, hopefully many, will naturally express their opinion and seek action.  We cannot stress enough the importance of numbers at this point.   In Phase 3, the groups will determine and seek their initiatives with some guidance and mentoring from ADU. 

You’ve read the report, the deep dive study that details—from publicly available documents-- the who, how, what where when of the Woke Takeover of USD which impacts every aspect of student and faculty life and spills out into society at large.  If you do not share this new vision being ushered in by the sweeping Horizon Project, if this is not what you expected, signed up for, and are paying for-- it is time to speak up loudly. Silence gives consent.

Being informed is the 1st step, but the report is just a tool, albeit an extremely powerful tool if used effectively.  Action and engagement are required.  Nothing will change without focused and sustained demands for change directed to those who are able to execute change—the President and the Board of Trustees.

Students, parents, alumni and donors as the paying customers and supporters of USD hold all the cards. The time is now to leverage your substantial financial power and influence to be heard and get the product you want.  USD has a moderate endowment but is very dependent on tuition checks and steady donations.


Initial Action Steps

Distribute this report widely. As shown in the report, much of the recent change at USD was pushed down from the top, so many USD constituents have been surprised. 

Please forward the report to all associated with USD and beyond--to members of the community, the media, post it in your social media feeds. Make it available for everyone to see—and when fully informed, customers can make decisions about what is best for them.

Disturbed with the ideologies with which students are being indoctrinated?  It’s time to stand up and be counted. Our future is at stake. Fortunately—you don’t have to go it alone.

Power in numbers.   Find other like-minded people and discuss what ideas you might have. USD students, parents, alumni, and donor leaders are emerging and forming action plans and determining what they want to see added or removed from USD’s much-changed mission/vision statement and its strategic Horizon Plan currently being rolled out.

These groups are self-organizing. Each group is impacted differently by the changes and has different concerns—and demands to make of the President and Trustees.  The groups work independently as well as together on shared objectives. Many ideas will become apparent after this report is widely consumed and internalized.   Look for those ideas. 

There is power—and courage—in numbers. You are not alone. One voice causes many others.

Join the grassroots movement

Alumni and Donors Unite, a 501c (3) action tank created for the purpose of restoring academic freedom in higher education, offers a unique approach to organizing that resistance to DEI/CSJ on campus.  The website Alumni and Donors Unite will be updated with updates when available, so do check out the website for USD.

We at ADU are here to empower individuals and support the formation of powerful, effective group action to generate—and maintain change.  Changes must be sustained to be truly effective. We have several tools under development and will be happy to share them with those aligned with our purpose.

This is a long fight, and it begins now. This is an energizing and exciting time.  Our fight for the kids should be high on all our lists as should pursuing sound education of all students.  The vibrancy and vitality of our society depends on us doing this reform well.


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