Engage all Customers:


Come join us as we begin to define a way forward for reform of USD.   

Alumni and Donors Unite brings awareness of the need for a return to the original purpose of a college education. We support education not indoctrination, and are on a mission to restore free inquiry and individual empowerment to higher education by leveraging the substantial financial power and influence of alumni and other donors, parents and community members to counterbalance “overt threats to free-speech and diversity of thinking” and the cultural Marxism that is prevalent on college campuses.

We open the eyes of donors—many of whom have little idea of the degree and depth of the corruption at their alma maters. We connect alumni and other who care deeply about higher education, with their options to support those changes, and invest in alignment with their values.

The best avenue forward for all concerned about the condition that USD has pursued is to read, study the report, and to be sure to have others whom might be concerned, to understand the facts, for the report is factual.

Find ways to connect with customer communities at USD.  Email us your ideas and be sure to broadcast the report and what it means to others.


“Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction”—Ronald Reagan