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Keep an eye on what is really happening at USD.   

Much is happening at USD in 2020 and 2021. This page attempts to capture the major CSJ/DEI events at USD.

Early origin of the DEI strategy.  File   The members of the President’s Advisory Board on Inclusion and Diversity recommend that the University of San Diego adopt strategic directions for inclusion and diversity, dating back to 2009

Highlights of 2020:

The clear highlight of this calendar and school year was the Anti-Racism Task Force Report (1).  This is a valuable file to at least quickly review.  It accelerated the DEI/CSJ efforts at USD, as is detailed fully in the report.  This experience is not unique to USD, but is occurring on other campuses.  The Horizon Project is the Bd of Trustees' response to the appeals made in the ARTF, and the results are also worth reviewing for anyone who wants to understand what is happening at USD.

  1. ARTF and their report:  File.  the antiracism task force and the 41 demands that lead to the Horizon Project of 2021, which became a high priority strategy for the President.
  2. Free Speech in Peril, a document from Minding the Campus, a document detailing how freedom of speech is under attack amongst the student body at various campuses  File
  3. Commentary from a teacher:  twitter video
  4. BLM course as offered:  File  the course outline and schedule by class
  5. Horizon Project publication and enactment: Link:  the strategy for the University on diversity and other DEI objectives.  This was approved by the Bd of Trustees.  This sets specific goals for diversity.


Highlights so far for 2021:

The students arrived on campus to be greeted by a white privilege survey (1).  The indoctrination long document (3) is a document apparently mean to include training and indoctrination materials, that are aimed apparently intended to reduce white privilege.  There is also a set of training in the form of a DEI task force aimed at law students (6), from the new Law School Dean.  Investment strategy, described as ESG compliant (7) was also stated.   Earlier the Federalist published a defense of Law Professor Tom Smith (2), who was being cancelled by the USD Administration for a statement mad on his own private account, that many are now arguing is true.  Ad Hoc committees also occur (5).  It is clear from all of this that "whiteness" and its privilege will be a target in the remainder of the 2021/2022 school year, if this progression continues.

  1. Privilege survey;  File  the questionnaire for the start of the school year.  This is aimed at white students for what purpose?
  2. Federalist letter in defense of the cancellation of tenured Law Professor Tom Smith  File  This a legal case that was taken up by FIRE, and was won on the basics of freedom of speech.
  3. Understanding Whiteness and Anti-Racist Attitudes in White Student Leaders Gabriella P. Rangrej University of San Diego, File  This activist training and indoctrination document published in 9/2021, contains 86 pages long. It lays out a set of ideas aimed at whites and their privilege.
  4. DEI conference for students in Law school:  being announced   File
  5. University Senate Ad Hoc Committee report on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Report to the University Senate April 12, 2021   File
  6. Letter announcing the upcoming DEI task force and training for law students  File
  7. Investment strategy to comply with the ESG strategy as adopted by the Bd.  File
  8. The ADU Letter announcing the report and the steps going forward.  File

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