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Do we need to restore academic freedom in higher education? "Yes!"

Problem Overview:

Freedom to engage in intellectual debate without fear of censorship or retaliation, and to develop critical thinking as a result.

The moral and intellectual climate at most colleges and universities has become dominated by movements that attack the foundational notion of free inquiry in pursuit of the truth.  

The pervasive influence of identity politics and cancel culture—threatening, bullying, shaming, isolating and silencing, speaker boycotts and shout downs—those with “unpopular” points of view— force many students to self-censor.  Administrations often turn a blind eye to such activity, and actually encourage it with “protective” speech codes and “safe spaces” where students can hide from opposing views—leading to campus monoculture and group think.

Critical race theory which oppressively forces individuals into inescapable categories of oppressor or victim based on one’s degree of melanin or gender, is being infused into nearly every academic department and discipline.

Our future depends on our young learning within an environment that supports individualism, optimism and freedom of thought, teaching students how to think not what to believe. No culture that restricts freedom of inquiry has continued to advance.

"Intolerance is the first sign of an inadequate education.” - Alexander Solzhenitsyn


Solution Overview:

Our purpose:

We support education not indoctrination and are committed to restoring open inquiry and the development of critical thinking to higher education, thwarting “overt threats to free-speech and diversity of thinking”, and the cultural Marxism that is prevalent on college campuses. We do this by leveraging the substantial financial power and influence of the customers of higher ed—students, parents, alumni, donors and taxpayers—to restore college education to its intended purpose.

Alumni and Donors Unite is uniquely, an “action tank” committed to taking action to restore academic freedom in higher education.

In addition to educating the customers—many are not fully aware of the degree and depth of the corruption at their schools—we appeal to and engage those customers dissatisfied with their ROI and the monolithic woke agenda but don’t know what to do about it. We empower and support “boots on the ground” citizen activists, and as a hub for shared knowledge we find “green shoots” of academic freedom and winning strategies, build on their success; create tools and “playbooks” for others to follow. There is courage –and power—in numbers.


Join in to Cancel the Cancel Culture. Broaden—not Shrink—Possibilities.

Learn, Engage, Propose, Donate.  We need your support and participation as we grow this movement to reclaim academic freedom.


“The most courageous act is still to think for yourself. Aloud.” ― Coco Chanel