“Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction” — Ronald Reagan


While the edifices still evoke the intellectually exploratory college experience of past generations, enter the classrooms, and most grads would not recognize their schools. Rather than encouraging free debate and allowing students to test their own thinking without judgment, course curriculums – from the arts to science--are often infused with a drumbeat of political ideology where disagreement  is not tolerated.  Listen to find out for yourself. Audit a class or listen in to an online lecture.

Free societies are havens for dissent and disagreement. This unfettered open inquiry is required  for groundbreaking problem solving, innovation and mass prosperity.

No culture that restricts freedom of inquiry has continued to advance. No government-controlled economy has led to prosperity. Academic freedom, is the catalyst for a prosperous, thriving society. 

We must reverse the animus toward the free exchange of ideas within the academy if we are to continue to flourish. A healthy university education should focus more student attention on forward-looking, positive, practical solutions as opposed to victim classes and aggrievements of the past about which many institutions today are hyper-focused.

We cannot rely on academia to self-regulate. Alumni and Donors Unite is a force for change from outside the academy.

We can do better—our students and society at large depend on our insisting on a restoration of free speech, diversity of thought and intellectual exploration within higher education.

A college education must broaden, not restrict possibilities.


In 100 years, we have gone from teaching Latin and Greek in high school to teaching remedial English in college” – Joseph Sobran