Timeline of “How We Got Here”


The “Long March Through the Institutions” is well underway.

1965:  Marxist Herbert Marcuse writes “Repressive Tolerance,” arguing that tolerating right-wing ideas was a form of repression, therefore right-wing ideas should not be tolerated.

1972:  Marcuse writes to student activist Rudi Dutschke that his slogan, “the long march through the institutions,” coined in 1967, is the “only effective way” for the radical Left to win.

1970s and 1980s:  The radical students of the late 60s become the “tenured radicals,” university professors with a radical left agenda, where they gradually rise through the ranks.

1990s:  With many tenured radicals now in positions of academic leadership, the “culture wars” begin in earnest, with many western civilization courses eliminated and many “grievance studies” departments added.

2010s:  The social justice warriors have come to dominate academia and student culture, leading to speakers being “cancelled” and professors being attacked.  High profile, shocking incidents occurred at Yale, Oberlin, University of Missouri, Evergreen, and elsewhere.

2019:  The New York Times publishes the 1619 Project, an error-filled, divisive screed that focuses U.S. history entirely on slavery, eliminating the profound human achievement of the U.S. Constitution.

2020:  Protests break into violent riots across the U.S.  In the aftermath, the doctrine that “systematic racism” is the cause of disparate outcomes for African-Americans becomes the enforced dogma of all mainstream media outlets.  Professionals in academia, media, and the corporate world are routinely fired for not stating unequivocal support for this dogma or expressing doubt regarding it in any way.  Hannah-Jones, author of the 1619 project, calls it "an honor" when an op-ed calls them the "1619 riots."

2024:  What is left of the U.S. meritocracy, U.S. productivity, U.S. safety?

2028:  We are all Venezuela now.


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 2024:  We return to our roots of enterprising, peaceful, tolerant, diverse and flourishing communities.

 2028:  We are on a path to a prosperous, secure future for all Americans through fiscal responsibility, entrepreneurship, and innovation in all domains of American life.